menus can be subject to change depending on suppliers and availability etc

We serve Sunday lunch 12-2, sample menu at the bottom of this page. We offer two or three roasts ( have a trio if you can't decide ) as well as fish and vegetarian options. 



OUR MENUS including pizzas (and fish and chips from £5.95) ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AS TAKEAWAY during normal kitchen hours. Phone first 01308 862364. Have a free soft drink, half pint of beer or small glass of wine while you wait or bring a container if you want to take it with you. 


TAKEAWAY ON DRAUGHT : Real ales £3.50/pint. Lagers £4/pint.  Birra Moretti £5/pint . Bring your own container or we have 4pint ones at £2 and get 4for3










Lunch and dinner



Homemade Soup of the Day £5

served with bread and butter

Salt and Pepper Squid £7

with a sweet chilli dip

Tempura King Prawns £7

with a sweet chilli dip

Breaded Mushrooms £7

With mayonnaise

Nachos £5

With sour cream, salsa and guacamole dips

Add £1 for pulled pork


Margherita £5

Chicken & Chorizo £7

Vegetarian £7

3 Cheese £7


Design your own pizza! If we’ve got it, you can have it on your pizza!




Steak and Ale Pie OR

Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Pie £11 (v)

Served with mash, seasonal vegetables and gravy.


Palmers Beer Battered Fish £11 / £5.95

OR Haloumi £11 (v)

with chips and peas.


Seafood Pasta £12

with a creamy white wine sauce

Beaminster Bangers £11

with mash, gravy and seasonal vegetables


Oven Baked Cod £13

With a cheese, tomato and onion crust with mash or new potatoes and vegetables.


The Red Lion Tower Burger £13

Made with a 6oz patty, pulled pork, hash browns, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, onion rings, chips and coleslaw.


Make Your Own Burger £5

Add chips £1

Add bacon £1

Add cheese £1

Add onion rings 50p


Mushroom Stroganoff £9 (v)

Served with rice and a ciabatta


Macaroni Cheese £9 (v)

With sundried tomatoes

Add £1 for a small side salad


Cajun Chicken £12

With freshly made ratatouille

Smaller appetites, allergies 

We serve most dishes half portions for half price.


We can adapt some dishes to suit allergies - please tell us before ordering.




Soup and a sandwich £8

Fish and chips . Ham, egg and chips £5.95


Sausage and caramelised onion

Somerset Brie with cranberry (+bacon)

Bacon lettuce tomato

Cheese (+chutney and lettuce)

Tuna sweetcorn mayo

Ham, cheese and organic leaves

3 EGG OMLETTES with chips £8

You name it, if we have it, we will put it in! Just to give you some ideas: tomato, cheese, onion, red pepper, mushroom, spinach…...

TAPAS – choose 4 for £10

Salt and pepper squid

Garlic chilli prawns

Tempura prawns

A Beaminster banger with chorizo, tomato and paprika

Garlic mushrooms


Lion breakfast: bacon, eggs, tomato, mushrooms, hash brown £8

Beaminster banger, chips and beans £8

Ham, free range eggs and chips £9

Creamy mushrooms on toast £6

Croque Monsieur £6

Linguine and pesto £7 (add chorizo or mushroom for £1)


Coronation chicken

Sausage, chorizo, tomato, paprika

Chicken, chorizo in creamy wine sauce

Tuna cheese melt

Cheddar cheese and baked beans (with ham)

Sausage casserole

Creamy mushrooms









CHOCOLATE BROWNIE with New Forest ice cream (gf)


STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING with ice cream or custard


KNICKERBOCKER GLORY: probably the best in the world!!


BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING with custard or ice cream


CHURROS with ice cream and chocolate to dip into



Three scoops of New Forest ice cream, a choice of flavours



CHEESEBOARD: Three local cheeses with biscuits, butter and chutney. £8.50          Have a glass of port - £3.50




Seize the moment: remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.  ERMA BOMBECK



This is a sample menu, there are weekly changes.  We offer two or three roasts as well as fish and vegetarian options




Salt and Pepper Squid £7.00

with a sweet chilli dip

Shell on Tiger Prawns £7.50 (gf)

with bread, chilli and garlic butter

Whitebait £7.00

with a garlic mayonnaise

Paprika chicken £7.50

Mixed with chorizo and tomatoes





Roast beef, chicken, lamb or nut roast £12.00 (can't decide? have a trio )

Served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, rainbow carrots, broccoli, cheesy leeks, stuffing and lashings of gravy


Palmers beer battered fish £11.00

and chips, minted pea puree and tartare sauce


Seafood linguine £12.00


Honey Glazed Salmon £14.00 (gf option)

Served with salad or on a bed of stir fried egg noodles, chilli, ginger, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, hoi sin and sesame seeds


Grilled haloumi OR tofu (v) (gf) £11.00

Pan fried in sesame oil on a bed of crispy salad leaves, roast red pepper, balsamic glazed tomato with red onion, radish (and optional ciabatta croutons.)


Tomato and herb quiche £10.00

Served with an organic green salad


Beef or chicken in a baguette £7.00

With horseradish or cranberry, stuffing and gravy


Vegetarian pie £11.00 (v)

Made with butternut squash and goat’s cheese and served with greens, gravy and mash



Drinks at THE RED LION – a Palmers pub so we have draught ales, lagers and cider as well as a carefully chosen wine list, wide choice of gins and other spirits.





FANCY A STROLL?? There are some wonderful walks from here – WE HAVE MAPS.




Tilda will try and tell you she hasn’t been fed for three days. She has! Please don’t feed her; it encourages her to beg and it’s not good for her waistline!


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Smaller appetites, allergies, children 

We can serve most dishes half portions half price.

We can adapt some dishes to suit allergies - please tell us before ordering.

.... and no, we do not have chicken nuggets!